On June 26, 2023, Hoang Ha Logistics Company was pleased to accompany the customer to export the first batch of seedless lemons to one of the most demanding markets, New Zealand.

In New Zealand, the tourism and restaurant – hotel industries are developing strongly, so the demand for food and the quality of consumer products is also pushed up quite high. Therefore, when seedless lemons are allowed to be imported into this country, it can be seen that this is a successful agricultural export product of Vietnam. Due to the unique natural conditions in New Zealand, it is impossible to grow one’s own, Vietnamese seedless lemons were once considered “green gold” in New Zealand because the selling price is relatively high, 1 kg of seedless lemons here is often expensive. more than 50 NZD, equivalent to 31.1 USD (about 700,000 VND).

To ensure that seedless lemons meet import standards into New Zealand, Hoang Ha Logistics company has registered with the Plant Quarantine agency to conduct strict inspection and supervision of product quality. The shipment must meet plant quarantine requirements from New Zealand, the volume and size of the product must meet the standards, and be packaged according to dosemap specifications in accordance with the requirements when importing into the country. This. At the same time, with expertise and experience of more than 30 years, Hoang Ha Logistics also has plans to handle problems arising during the quarantine and transportation process to ensure the fruit export route to Vietnam. New Zealand’s business is taking place as planned.

According to the Plant Protection Department (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), to be allowed to import Vietnamese lemons into New Zealand, they must meet requirements such as being required to register the growing area code and establishment code. packaging department with the Plant Protection Department and notified to New Zealand, the lemon garden is pest managed, the fruit after harvest is washed and brushed, and is irradiated with a minimum dose of 400 Gy, batches Exported goods must be accompanied by a plant quarantine certificate, including an additional declaration that they are not contaminated with harmful organisms of concern to New Zealand.

After completing the export of a shipment of seedless lemons to New Zealand on June 26, 2023 smoothly and quickly, Hoang Ha Logistics Company hopes to continue accompanying export businesses. Vietnamese agricultural products aim to conquer the New Zealand market, contributing to increasing the economic value of businesses and the country.