Fresh mango shipped to Australia is 500-650g in weight /each, with smooth skin, a long stem and are spotless to avoid any latex discharge. After exportation of these green mangoes, other types of ripe mangoes such as Hoa Loc mango, sweet mango and pink mango are also being prepared to be exported to Australia.

First Fresh Mango Batch Shipped Australia Hil

Under the agreement with Australia, Vietnamese exporters are ensuring the sufficient production of exported mango, to ensure that Vietnam meets the requirements of the Australian government, farmers from Vietnam have a combined yield of 150 hectares producing 4,500 tonnes each season. This will increase to 270 hectares in the next few months, guaranteeing that Vietnam can provide Australia with the quantity of mangoes that they require.

Fresh mango is currently being exported by air and sea, with air freight transporting 2 tonnes of fresh mangoes every day which are then sold in supermarkets. About 16 tons of mangoes (1 container) will be transported by ocean freight to Australia; some fresh mangoes will enter the wholesale market and then distributed to retailers.

Fresh fruits are imported to Australia following strict regulations. Vietnam has been negotiating and working with the Australian government to meet the Australian regulations to obtain an Australian export license. After lychee and mango, fresh dragon fruit is also expected to be exported to Australia in November. Among the heavily regulated markets that have to be negotiated, Vietnam fresh mango has conquered Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Australia.