Freshly cut flowers are considered high value perishable good which need special care in transportation and preservation using certain methods for keeping the flower fresh and for long periods of time. This makes it possible for the product to reach the end buyer in the best condition possible.

Exporting Dalat Hasfarms Fresh Flowers

For exporting freshly cut flowers, these flowers should be collected at the right time with the right technique, then preserved in suitable packing material for each kind of flower and at the required temperature. After packing, the flowers will be taken to the airport in the early morning to be transported early, which helps preserve the flowers longer. The preservation method is the most important issue when exporting fresh flower.

Hoang Ha International Logistics is honored to be the partner of freshly cut flower exporters in Vietnam, especially Dalat Hasfarm for years.

Dalat Hasfarm is the brand name of Agrivina Company – which was voted the biggest flower provider of South East Asia by Flowers Tech Magazine. Dalat Hasfarm exports more than 70% of freshly cut flowers to numerous countries around the world.

Flowers of Dalat Hasfarm are being exported daily via Hoang Ha air transport services.